Bồn cầu thông minh treo tường AXENT ONE PLUS

Mã sản phẩm: E310-E291-A1
Bồn cầu treo tường AXENT ONE PLUS
. Kích thước: 593L × 370W × 397H mm
. Màu: Trắng
. Lưu lượng xả: 3&4.5L
. Chất liệu: PP+UF+VC
. Tráng men Easy Clean
. Tâm xả: /
. Áp lực nước: 0.07-0.75MPa
. Điện áp: 220V/50HZ
. Công suất: 1420W_x005f
. Chức năng: Vòi rửa trước sau, Sấy khô, Khử mùi, Sưởi ấm, Đèn ban đêm.
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Đặc điểm nổi bật của Bồn cầu thông minh treo tường AXENT ONE PLUS

Easy Clean is Axent’s patented technology ensuring minimum surface adhesions and maximum anti-microbial efficacy.
Like a carefully timed tag-team, Axent’s eductor-jet and AST technology deliver breakthrough performance through the smart exploitation of fluid dynamics.
AXENT.ONE C PLUS Intelligent Toilet and AXENT.ONE C SOUND Intelligent Toilet may be programmed to open automatically upon user approach not requiring the user to first operate the remote control or manually lift the lid
After a refreshing under-shower, a warm air dryer may be used to eliminate any unpleasant dampness for that powdereddry feel. Ambient air temperature is adjustable within a comfortable range and is strictly secured against unintentional overheating.
The washing nozzle can be arrested after it is fully extended to allow for a thorough inspection and intensive manual cleaning.
Being the most heavily used parts of the Intelligent Toilet, Axent provides for the toolless and complete removal of the heated toilet seat and the lid. This not only allows for a very fast and thorough deep cleaning but also an instant replacement if they have become damaged e.g. through higher wear-and-tear in public environments
AXENT.ONE C Intelligent Toilet seat and lid are gently lowered by integrated dampers ensuring silent closing when tapped down to shut or when unintentionally dropped at night.
Bright lights disrupt the ability to sleep which is why AXENT.ONE C Intelligent Toilets come equipped with a self-activating, soft glowing night-light highlighting the contours of the toilet to safely guide your approach and departure in low-lit conditions.at night.
Designed to handle thorough cleansing needs, rear wash uses a soft peripheral and focused center stream on the body maximising cleaning efficacy.
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